Wyong Shire Residents Disappointment in Kanangra Drive Upgrade #Gwandalan #SummerlandPoint #CentralCoast

Media Release
August 2015

Chinese Whispers Grow To Shouts of Disappointment in Kanangra Drive Upgrade

Two months of road works on Kanangra Drive and the road looks and feels worse than before work started. While the widening of the lanes and creation of shoulders are welcome, Gwandalan and Summerland Point residents started expressing concern last week that works appeared to be finalised when white lines were painted and the traffic controllers moved on.
The lack of information from Wyong Shire Council has resulted in widespread criticism about the quality of the roadworks.  One resident commented that she ‘was at the corner store and post office yesterday. People in both places commenting on the lines and complaining.’
Wyong Shire Residents Disappointment in Kanangra Drive Upgrade #Gwandalan #SummerlandPoint #CentralCoast

Kanangra Drive opposite side from Gun Club

Funding was announced amid much fanfare in July 2014 and residents were told that work would start early in the new year. Earlier this year, the newly formed Gwandalan and Summerland Point Peninsula Improvement Group requested updated plans and a schedule of works. No information was forthcoming and no response was ever received. So we waited.
Finally in late May, electronic signs on the Pacific Highway and in residential streets were the first indication that works were to commence on 9 June. While work has progressed since then, residents have continually raised concerns about the quality of the new pavement, with the edging already crumbling and potholes forming in the original road..
Now that lane markings have been painted, residents speculate that the job is complete and fear that maintenance will be needed before long.
Poor and Shoddy Road Repairs Mean Maintenance Will Be Needed Again Before Too Long

Wyong Shire Residents Disappointment in Kanangra Drive Upgrade #Gwandalan #SummerlandPoint #CentralCoast

Kanangra Drive outside Gun Club

Although some residents know that there is still work to be done, including a reported final seal of the road in ‘hotter’ January, the lack of information from Council has made it impossible to quell the rising criticisms and cynicism in the way Council treats its residents, particularly in the so-called ‘Forgotten North’.
Since April 2014, over 1000 residents have joined the ‘Kanangra Drive needs an upgrade NOW‘ Facebook page.  The community campaign to get the Peninsula’s access road upgraded was sparked by the death of a driver who collided with a power pole in wet weather.
The Page’s posts are now reaching almost 7000 people across the Shire and other areas, making Wyong Shire Council look very bad indeed.  Council has a long way to go to come back from this appalling treatment of its northern residents.
What we want is proper communication from Council about how they are spending our funds – whether it comes from State Government or our rates. We want no more deaths due to the poor quality of our only road to the Peninsula and this requires a proper quality and timely completion to the upgrade.
Residents Demand Quality and Timely Completion To The Upgrade

Wyong Shire Residents Disappointment in Kanangra Drive Upgrade #Gwandalan #SummerlandPoint #CentralCoast

These photos show a particularly bad section where the newly laid shoulders have already deteriorated outside the entrance to the Wyong District Pistol Club.

In response to Mr Murray’s short letter in last week’s Advocate, a spokesperson for the “Kanagra Drive Upgrade Now” action group said, “This paltry letter in response to ‘Harry’s’ letter published on Wednesday is indicative of the contempt with which Wyong Council treats its residents:
  • a. the old driving surface is still there, albeit patched in some places, and
  • b. the time frame of ‘in the coming months’ is unacceptable. Council will have a schedule of works which will be more detailed than this.
Residents are understanding of weather constraints and supplier delays, however, a vague pacification such as this is insulting!”
For further information email  kanangradriveupgradenow@gmail.com
Or contact Jo Durand, Convener of the ‘Kanangra Drive needs an upgrade NOW‘ Facebook page on 0490 139 781
About Kanangra Drive:
Kanangra connects Gwandalan and Summerland Point to the Pacific Highway. It is a two-lane road that services 5000 residents.
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