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A GIANT gold Buddha would be the centrepiece of an $80 million temple being considered for Warnervale on the Central Coast as part of a proposed $500 million Chinese theme park.

Wyong Mayor Doug Eaton still optimistic, says Chinese theme park will deliver jobs

The Mayor of Wyong, Doug Eaton has declared the Government’s initial assessment of the proposed Chinese theme park was “actually a tick of approval.”

Despite Mayor Eaton claiming victory, some detractors argue it is a major loss for the proponent.

Only 15 per cent of the 15.7 hectares of land will be allowed to reach a 50 metre building height, and on the rest of the site, buildings will be limited to 20 metres.

The Mayor said The Chappypie China Time Park will be a major tourist attraction, but admitted he had no data on how many jobs would be created.

“No – and that’s not Council’s job. Obviously, once again, that’s a standard response to a gateway. A gateway actually lists a whole heap of studies, and in this case they’ve identified they want a detailed study on the employment outcomes,” he said.

There has always been scepticism regarding the Chinese theme park.

Independent Wyong Councillor Bob Graham wants to know who will fill the jobs.

“I bet you they’re not local,” he said.

An artist's impression of the temple...

An artist’s impression of the temple section.

The Mayor emphasised the job opportunities the theme park would deliver, “Clearly this will create many local jobs. I would simply say to Councillor Graham I’m sure he’s been to the Gold Coast where there are many many thousands of local people from the Gold Coast employed in theme parks there.”

“Chappypie China theme park will be no different from other theme parks.”

“At the end of the day you’ve got rides. It’s a theme park. Yes, you’ve got a Chinese theme, but it’s a theme park – it’s just bizarre! With unemployment the biggest problem in the region, this theme park was nothing but a positive development for the area” said Councillor Eaton in response to the critics,” adding “I don’t care who the developer is, or what their colour or race is. If they’re bringing jobs and investment to the Central Coast, it’s my job as mayor to try and assist them.”

The mayor estimates the developer,  Australia-Chinese Theme Park Pty Ltd, has already spent around $500,000 getting the development to this point.

A number of studies now need to be completed by the proponent, before it goes on public exhibition.

What do you think? Do you want the Chappypie China theme park at Warnervale?

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