#Wyong Mayor Doug Eaton discusses Warnervale Airport with Dick Smith and John Singleton #CentralCoast


Wyong Mayor Doug Eaton Discusses Warnervale Airport with Dick Smith and John Singleton

by Gaye Crispin


Two of Australia’s richest business tycoons, John Singleton and Dick Smith today happily confirmed they fully support the Warnervale Airport upgrade.

Mr Smith said the airstrip itself needed to be just a little longer and wider to facilitate planes, but added “This is the ideal location for an expanded airport. These expansion plans will make a very viable operation capable of attracting associated industry and creating hundreds of jobs.”

Mr Singleton said the Central Coast needed a decent sized airport to boost tourism. “The problem with us at the moment is you can’t get here,” he said. “Our tourism numbers have dropped by five per cent in the past year or so while other areas have increased. You can’t bloody well get here,”  ….  watch the video to hear more


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