We Need Writers! What’s Your Topic? #CoastTimes #CentralCoast #News


We Need Writers! Can You Write? What's Your Topic? #CoastTimes #CentralCoast #NewsWe Need Writers! Can You Write? What’s Your Topic?

Want to write movie reviews? Or share recipes or cleaning tips? Are you car maintenance guru material? We want to talk to you! We want you to tell us what you’d like to write about.

If you’re smart, innovative, creative, green or funny, the Coast Times writing opportunity is the best you will see in a long time.

We want to promote your writing and your articles – for free! And you don’t need any blogging knowledge because we’ll teach you. That means you’ll be taught by the best, because we’re pretty good!

ed Writers! What's Your Topic? #CoastTimes #CentralCoast

And you don’t need any blogging knowledge because we’ll teach you… scotch not included!

And no, you don’t have to pay us, just as we don’t pay you either.

But there are rewards! If your know your topic, and your writing is good, you’ll become known as an authority. And if your writing is really great it could be seen by millions of people. Plus you get to work with us, and that’s pretty cool.

So if you can write, and you have a topic you are passionate about, contact us now… while you are here. It only takes a minute.

We’d love to hear from you,

Gaye, Michael and The Coast Times team






PS: In the meantime, here’s a fun writing lesson.

WRITING LESSON 101 from Coast Times

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“There are only 2 types of people in the world: those who live on the Central Coast, and those who wish they lived on the Central Coast.” John Singleton

HighTide Waves at Forresters Beach, Central Coast, by Ilya Genkin

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Remember to add Fabulous Forresters Beach to your next holiday itinerary