Gosford Council says there’s no ‘Plan B’ if it can’t stand alone #CoastTimes #CentralCoast #News #Gosford

Gosford Council says there’s no ‘Plan B’ if it can’t stand alone


Talk of a Central Coast Supercouncil is not new, but it usually involves a marriage between neighbours Gosford and Wyong.

Reports this week have suggested that Wyong could be jilted, with Gosford hopping into bed with Lake Macquarie.

“I don’t know where this report has come from,” insisted Gosford Council CEO Paul Anderson.

“If Gosford City Council is unable to stand alone through this so-called reform process that the government are going through, there’s a lot of councils in the state that are in a far worse financial and political position than what we’re in.

“And I can’t see us having one Council operating across the western region of the NSW state,” he said.

No Plan B

Gosford has always been nervous of a merger with Wyong, but insists there is no Plan B.

Wyong Mayor Doug Eaton was perplexed at news he could be left out of a potential Central Coast council amalgamation.

“It’s just bizarre that they won’t talk to us, but it would appear they’ve been talking to Lake Macquarie.

“And earlier on we tried to have discussions with Lake Macquarie and got a closed door there as well,” he said >>>>

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