David Mehan Call For Luke Nayna’s Resignation #politics #CoastTimes #CentralCoast #News

David Mehan Calls On All Levels Of Government To Recommit To The Central Coast #CoastTimes #CentralCoast #News


Press Release: Wednesday 20th July 2015

David Mehan Call For Luke Nayna's Resignation #politics #CoastTimes #CentralCoast #News

David Mehan, MP

David Mehan MP Calls For Clr Luke Nayna’s Resignation

Today David Mehan, Member for the Entrance joined with a chorus of voices to call for Clr Luke Nayna to officially resign from Wyong Shire Council.

Mr Nayna since taking up a new job working for the Federal Coalition has not yet resigned from his position on Wyong Council.

New calls for the resignation of Mr Nayna

David Mehan Call For Luke Nayna's Resignation #politics #CoastTimes #CentralCoast #News

New calls for the resignation of Mr Nayna from the Wyong Shire Council’s three Labor councillors and Independent Clr Bob Graham have risen after this week. Which will mark the third Council Meeting Mr Nayna has missed.

“The reality is that when you are elected to public office you are expected to actually go about representing the people of your area.

I find it hard to understand how Mr Nayna believes he can do that from Canberra.” Mr Mehan said.”

“Mr Nayna fought hard to be the chair of multiple council committees that he has since abandoned. He should do the right thing and resign from Wyong Council.”

Clr Luke Nayna

The People Deserve Full and Present Representation

“We are currently in the situation where half of the councillors on Wyong Council would rather sit on their hands and look the other way then call on the resignation of Mr Nayna for their own political gain. Frankly it’s not good enough.”

“It is Mr Naynas prerogative to take up work where he chooses but the people of Wyong Shire deserve full and present representation from all of their government representatives and sadly that is not the case.”


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Article Compiled by Gaye Crispin

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  • I’m always loathe to agree with those who automatically lump all pollies together and I’m sure Luke is a lovely dude, but taking a job out of town and keeping the rep position is disrespectful to those who voted for him and those who supported him too!