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About Coast Times News

Coast Times News belongs to a well-established online independent media publishing house based on The Central Coast NSW, a region of over 330,000 people in the State of New South Wales, Australia.

100% female-owned indy news service on the Central Coast, Coast Times is a slightly irreverent; politically impartial social enterprise committed to social good in Media, that distributes news from all sides of politics without fear or favour, with the aim of building an independent media network that inspires increased socially responsible leadership across our nation through innovative thinking designed to create a dent in the universe. We are not normal.


OUR MISSION: Inform, entertain and inspire.

To publish material that encourages social good and community-mindedness; to promote community group events and services (at not charge), to help build a resilient and sustainable community by speaking up on matters such as the environment, education, homelessness, domestic violence and gender equity matters, and to encourage and promote programs and organisations that put people before profit.

The ideas and opinions expressed by article authors are their own, and in no way constitute an endorsement by Coast Times News.

We hope you will support us in our endeavours to add alternate commentary, voices and opinions to news scene in the region.

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We expect honesty, integrity, accountability and responsible journalism of all our writers and contributors because this what we demand of ourselves.

Gaye Crispin
Coast Times Publisher & Founder
Social Innovation Architects of Australia
‪#‎FEMPOWER‬ Founder – FEMPOWER: mobilizing greater investment in gender equity issues and women’s empowerment issues locally on the Central Coast, as well as nationally and abroad.


Gaye Crispin and The CTN Team

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